between the horizon

between the horizon                                                                                                    Porcelain & Iron . 2017





Between the horizons

or more precisely, between TWO horizons allocates us the universe.  The humans’ imagination is boundless. Accordingly, each personality possesses a unique imaginary and visual horizon.

For Zurab Bero the human being is and was always the most interesting subject for observation. Though many renowned philosophers and psychologists describe the essence of humanity, there are specific details that grant each of us individuality. The artist highlights the importance of humans’ balance and harmony to himself, as well as to the environment and nature. We are on a constant quest to find ourselves, our interests and strengths; to achieve self-realization and harmony.

Yet when we find it, we attempt to remain in our comfort zones. These processes are impossible to realize without changes, often plenty of them. Changes may take place in one’s character, mood or lifestyle. Yet while we are able to make adjustments within ourselves, rarely is a person able to influence the environment and shift even a small part of the world. Moreover, “everything new is a well-forgotten old”. Even technological progress often cannot be counted as a novelty in comparison to the old lost civilizations and their achievements.

Zurab Bero presents humans, life, art and the above-mentioned aspects through natural phenomenon. The mysterious iceberg possesses stability, unexpectedness, dynamic and fragility. Its condition as a transformation of water captures the artist’s attention, and it is a fitting symbol of the exhibition. The exhibition presents the artworks in different mediums and they all create one common concept. Why exactly this topic? What does the iceberg mean? These and other questions remain open.

Text: Rusa Kavtaradze

     Zurab Bero © 2019