water memory

Water Memory                                                                                            sound / Light installation 2008

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There is an old myth that says that people shall entrust their dreams to flowing water – such as a river or a stream. No matter if it was a good or a bad dream - the water takes the story and its engaged feelings away. It has even been scientifically proved that water has the capability to receive and save vibrations through sounds, emotions and other materials.

With this in mind I created an enclosed space where one enters alone and reflect on the information stored within the water. At the centre of this space lies a pillow made from marble symbolising hard sleep, created by years of compressed information. You are introduced to a multitude of sensations, through sight, sound and touch, thus receiving a large amount of information, ultimately, reversing the relationship between you and the water.

Sensors placed inside the exhibition activate the quiet audio of several simultaneously told dreams when one enters the space. One is never able to define a clear story.

     Zurab Bero © 2019