black bullets 


material: different types of charred wood

Size  4-5cm x 20-27cm

four bullets 


material: different types of wood

Size  2-3cm x 10-15cm



material: different types of wood

Upon entering the exhibition space, the viewer is greeted by the 312 individually handmade wooden sculptural objects that make up the installation.


In 1991 when I was 8 years old walking through the streets of Tbilisi, these bullets were as common as traffic lights. The inhabitants of Tbilisi constructed their daily lives around the paths of stray bullets. School stopped but adults kept going to work.


For about 14 years I have been making sculptures that express my personal experiences growing up surrounded by urban warfare. These sculptures convey my questioning of the world that caused this childhood trauma, as well as how the physical bullet form has manifested itself in popular culture.


Sculptures made of 15 different types of wood from all over the world together make up the installation, which makes the viewer feel as a giant in a skyscraper city. The aestheticized shape of the bullets represents a construct of masculinity.

while researching the old Soviet architec- ture and the monuments placed on them, I shot a

video called “Conversation with a Monument”. The video work became a kind of surreal scene,

which ideologically reflects the past purpose of this building and the discussion of future


Conversation whit a Monument

Dnipro, Ukraine. 2019

Video. sound . colour

5.44 min.

public yawn 


video installation. color. sound.


This video work focuses on the concept of interaction. As an artist, I perform a continuous yawn action that triggers a reflexive behavior and thus becomes contagious to the audience. Through this action, I invite the audience to yawn along with me, leading to a collective action. Although it may appear as though I, as the artist, am doing nothing, my action subtly influences the behavior of the audience.

The audience can be involved in this process, resulting in everything becoming contagious and the collective action affecting individuals on a personal level. As a conceptual artist, I deliberately employ actions that are directed towards the audience to involve them in unconventional ways without using words.

This video work reflects the power of interaction and demonstrates how a subtle action by the artist can influence the behavior of the audience and enrich the artistic experience.



video. colour. sound.

1.25 min.

Between the horizons          2017      Porcelain & Iron 

Between the horizons or more precisely, between TWO horizons allocates us the universe.  The humans’ imagination is boundless. Accordingly, each personality

possesses a unique imaginary and visual horizon.

For Zurab Bero the human being is and was always the most interesting subject for observation. Though many renowned philosophers and psychologists describe the

essence of humanity, there are specific details that grant each of us individuality. The artist highlights the importance of humans’ balance and harmony to himself, as

well as to the environment and nature. We are on a constant quest to find ourselves, our interests and strengths; to achieve self-realization and harmony.

Yet when we find it, we attempt to remain in our comfort zones. These processes are impossible to realize without changes, often plenty of them. Changes may take

place in one’s character, mood or lifestyle. Yet while we are able to make adjustments within ourselves, rarely is a person able to influence the environment and shift

even a small part of the world. Moreover, “everything new is a well-forgotten old”. Even technological progress often cannot be counted as a novelty in comparison to

the old lost civilizations and their achievements.

Zurab Bero presents humans, life, art and the above-mentioned aspects through natural phenomenon. The mysterious iceberg possesses stability, unexpectedness,

dynamic and fragility. Its condition as a transformation of water captures the artist’s attention, and it is a fitting symbol of the exhibition. The exhibition presents the

artworks in different mediums and they all create one common concept. Why exactly this topic? What does the iceberg mean? These and other questions remain open.

Text: Rusa Kavtaradze

Bloody Sheep


Photo, color.

100cm X 75cm



Photo, color.

120cm X120cm

Solt Circle



Material: Salt 200 kg, wood, metal.

Size 330 cm X 50 cm



video installation. color. sound.




video installation. color. sound.

4.8 min.

Different Vision


Epoxid-Resin, Wood.

200cm X 100cm



Epoxid-Resin, Wood. Relief

200cm X 100cm

Solidarity and companionship are the main characteristics shown by meerkats to

which these figures are related.

Standing on a bridge which is symbolising a passage as well as insecurity they are

moving to a new phase of life like million of people every day.

Every animal is showing bravery and self-confidence as well as fear and doubt but

which could be conquered together.




Mixed Material, Sculptural installation (no taxdermia!).



video installation. color. sound.

3.2 min.

“He who seeks, finds. For him who knocks at  the  right place, the door ist opened.”

“Everything has an entrance, the question is whether the entrance is the right one.

This is an entrance door to the stone, for those who don`t leave the stone alone

and knock on it endlessy.”

Don‘t knock

2010 Stone simposium Oronsko, Poland    

Marble, 120cm x 80cm x 60cm      

Tree of Life 

2009  Exhibition at the BERLINER DOM

Metal, copper & gold Leaf   |   250 cm x 150 cm  

The work 'Tree of Life' has arisen from the gilded copper sheets of the former crown lantern of the Berlin Cathedral.

'Tree of Life' has both a symbolic and narrative conceptual meaning.

It is a reference to the Old Testament, but also to the secular myth of the German Oak tree. The names that are milled into the leaves of the tree are derived from the

Old Testament and follow the evolution of mankind from Adam through to Noah and his sons. The tree leaves are a metaphysical representation of mankind and

symbolise the universal connection amongst humans.

1.This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; 2.Male and female created he them; and blessed

them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. 3.And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his

image; and called his name Seth: 4.And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters: 5.And all the days

that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died.

6.And Seth lived an hundred and five years, and begat Enos: 7.And Seth lived after he begat Enos eight hundred and seven years, and begat sons and daughters: 8.And

all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years: and he died. 9.And Enos lived ninety years, and begat Cainan: 10.And Enos lived after he begat Cainan eight

hundred and fifteen years, and begat sons and daughters: 11.And all the days of Enos were nine hundred and five years: and he died. 12.And Cainan lived seventy years,

and begat Mahalaleel: 13.And Cainan lived after he begat Mahalaleel eight hundred and forty years, and begat sons and daughters: 14.And all the days of Cainan were

nine hundred and ten years: and he died. 15.And Mahalaleel lived sixty and five years, and begat Jared: 16.And Mahalaleel lived after he begat Jared eight hundred and

thirty years, and begat sons and daughters: 17.And all the days of Mahalaleel were eight hundred ninety and five years: and he died. 18.And Jared lived an hundred sixty

and two years, and he begat Enoch: 19.And Jared lived after he begat Enoch eight hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: 20And all the days of Jared were nine

hundred sixty and two years: and he died.

21.And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: 22.And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and

daughters: 23.And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: 24.And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

25.And Methuselah lived an hundred eighty and seven years, and begat Lamech: 26.And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred eighty and two years,

and begat sons and daughters: 27.And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died.

28.And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son: 29.And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and

toil of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed. 30.And Lamech lived after he begat Noah five hundred ninety and five years, and begat sons and

daughters: 31.And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred seventy and seven years: and he died. 32.And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem,

Ham, and Japheth.

Baltic Sea 


Epoxid resin, wood. 

180cm X 100cm X 15cm

The relief „Mediterranean Sea“ is characterised by several big and small jellyfish. It creates a perspective

variety of near and far organisms. Those mediterranean states, which have a different political and

economic position according to time and developement, are mirrored in the jellyfish. At the same time, they

should show that the meaning of a state depends on its economic success only. The global interest in a

foreign culture and nation arises if it is related to political and economic success amongst others.

Mediterranean Sea 



Epoxid resin, wood.

Black Sea


Epoxid resin, wood. 

244cm X 122 cm X 20cm

Caspian Sea


Epoxid resin, wood.

122cm X 244cm X 20cm

Flying Turtle 


Epoxy resin & Feather

130cm X 110cm X  40cm         



Galvanic, 24 Karate 999 Feingold, Wood, Brass, Red Fabric.




75cm X 75 cm X 40cm